"Rugby Strength Academy is Now Open and Accepting New Members"


Are you one of the these five types of rugby players? (#3 is the worst!)

#1. You're moving up to a higher level of rugby next season and nearly shat yourself when you saw how much bigger these guys are. They move faster, grunt louder, and smash into each other so much harder. You know your skills and work rate are top notch but you need to be able to front up physically in order to stand out and not end up as a tackle bag.

#2. You're fighting for the starter's jersey. It can be frustrating because at times you feel overlooked by the coach. But deep down, you know that competing with your mate for the starting spot has made you push yourself harder. That said, this season you want to become the first choice player in your position and become a key figure that your team depends on.

#3. You're injured. Not being able to play sucks, but the fear of re-injuring yourself is even worse. You want to get back on the pitch, but come back even bigger, stronger, and faster than before. Most importantly, you want to be able to lace up your boots with confidence, knowing you're not going to snap like a twig in your first bit of contact and miss another season.

#4. You're changing your position next season. Maybe you've joined the front rower's union, or your coach is trying to convert you from a back rower into a centre. Whatever the case, on top of learning a new skill set you probably have to bulk up fast or get lean in a hurry if you want to perform next season. You've got a lot of training ahead of you in the next few months!

#5. You were born to play rugby at an academy or professional level. You know you have what it takes and you're willing to put in the hard work to get it. You know you were born to play rugby and can't wait to show coaches and selectors what you can do. But you know there are hundreds or even thousands of others trying for the same spot, thinking the exact same thing at this very moment. You need to get an edge on them and fight your way to the top.

If you're one of these or a mix of all of them, we're glad you're here because over the past several months, RugbyDump has been working hard to craft the perfect online rugby strength & conditioning platform for players in exactly your situation. And now, we're excited to unveil it:

"Get Professional, Rugby-Specific Strength & Conditioning and Take Your Rugby to the Next Level"

Rugby Strength Academy is RugbyDump.com's online rugby strength & conditioning platform built for players like who want to take their rugby career to the next level with professional rugby training, return from injury without getting re-injured, move up to a new level of rugby without looking/feeling totally out of place, or just making massive gains for next season.

Since this is the first time that Rugby Strength Academy has been available to anyone other than our closest friends, today we're only opening our doors to 100 members and offering you an opportunity become a Founding Member of RugbyDump's new Rugby Strength Academy.

Rugby Strength Academy is not for bodybuilders or curl bros. This is professional rugby-specific strength & conditioning training and we'd like to build a long-term relationship with mature and disciplined rugby players, not someone who's only goal is to look good at the beach.

If this sounds right for you, let's take a closer look at what's included in your membership:

Rugby Strength Academy Programmes

When you join Rugby Strength Academy, you get instant access to all our programmes and craft your own annual strength & conditioning plan that's unique to your personal needs as a player. With these powerful training programmes that are custom-built for rugby players like you, you will unlock levels of performance that would not be possible without rugby-specific.

Our main programmes all have beginner (green), intermediate (yellow), and advanced (red) versions. They cover the five essential pillars of any rugby programme. These pillars are...

With our mass-building programmes you will:

  • gain explosive rugby muscle mass, fast
  • achieve the right kind of muscle you need for rugby with myofribillar hypertrophy
  • step up to a new level of rugby without feeling or looking totally out of place
  • reach the ideal weight for your position
  • become a more destructive ball-carrier and a fearsome tackler opponents avoid

Develop real "rugby strength" and you will:

  • be more confident and safer in contact
  • man-handle opponents into touch or strip the ball in contact more easily
  • use the best set-rep schemes for rugby to achieve noticeable gains in strength
  • get the fend going and stay on your feet longer while support arrives
  • become extremely difficult to clean out at ruck-time and win more turnovers

With power training, you will:

  • discover powerful new exercises that most rugby players will never use
  • become a more devastating scrummager by achieving more explosive engagements
  • stand out to coaches and selectors
  • bust through more tackles and become a threat every time you touch the ball
  • dominate contact with brutal tackling

Our rugby-specific speed training will:

  • unlock new gears of speed you'll use to gas your opposite number on the outside
  • improve raw acceleration and increase top speed with advanced pylometrics
  • gain a deadly side step that you'll use to create magic out of absolutely nothing
  • attract multiple defenders every time you touch the ball, and still make metres
  • chase down runners or get across in cover to make crucial tackles in the corner

And finally, anaerobic conditioning will:

  • train your heart and lungs for rugby with short bursts of high intensity activity
  • forget about long, boring, steady-state cardio that rugby players don't need
  • last the full 80 and stand out when everyone else around you is blowing
  • become a game-breaker that can make something happen at any time
  • use unique conditioning drills that imitate a real rugby match, unlike jogging

Rugby-specific training is probably different from what you're used to. There's no such thing as a perfect programme. Instead, constant experimentation and adding new things is required to maximize results. We strongly encourage you to constantly tweak your programmes, add new sessions to it, try new types of training and find out what works best for your specific situation.

As an academy member, you receive powerful new programmes every month to upgrade and supplement your main programme and modify it to massively boost your gains.

For example, use this month's Core (abs and lower back) programme by adding on an ab blasting session to the end of your workouts. Or take a break from the gym and use one of our Modified Strongman Training four week programmes to give yourself an absolute beasting.

Every month, we deliver you something completely new to try.

Here's what's in store for this month:

Rugby Strength Academy Nutrition

Rugby-specific nutrition is a very individualized science. Don't trust bodybuilding guides that tell you exactly what to eat on what day. Instead, you will need to experiment and find the meals, portion sizes, and eating schedule that works for you. Our Rugby Strength Academy members receive meal guidelines which cover three main training goals our players have:

Inside these guidelines, you'll learn:

  • what to eat for regular meals and pre-training meals
  • the Harris-Benedict equation to calculate how many calories you should consume
  • the exact breakdown of what % carbs, fats, and proteins you need to the results you want
  • how to calculate your requirements differently for different parts of your season
  • provide you with a detailed shopping list of what foods you need in your fridge

And, like the programmes, you'll receive additional nutrition information every month.

Rugby Strength Academy Video Training with Pros

Every month, we shoot a video with a professional player or coach to add to your technical knowledge and/or expose you to a new type of training. We're going after some of the biggest, strongest, and fastest rugby players on the planet to share their training advice with you!

Take a look at a preview of our first video here on Modified Strongman Training with former England and Lions hooker Andy Titterell and three-time Guinness Premiership Champion with Wasps, Ben Gotting.


Every month, we shoot a video with a professional player or strength coach to give you:

  • new and exciting methods of training that you may have never seen before
  • live demonstrations of key exercises by professional coaches and players
  • detail and specifics that just aren't possible to cover in written material
  • in-depth discussions that cover how to fit the training into your season
  • ...and plenty of good friendly banter

Rugby Strength Academy Monthly Q&As with our Experts

Get your questions answered by our Rugby Strength Academy Performance Coaches Kevin Shattock and Dave Thomas and get access to all past Q&As in the archives section.

And Probably The Best Part of Becoming a Founding Member...

All Future Developments Free of Charge

RugbyDump is currently developing all kinds of features for Rugby Strength Academy that will increase the price substantially in the future but not for existing members. The price you join at will stay the same no matter what we add in the future. Here's just a taste of what we have in store:

  • your own profile page with your training stats
  • the ability to compare yourself with players in other countries or at different levels
  • player recruitment bulletin board (a listing of overseas clubs searching for players to contract)
  • bespoke workout programmes and nutrition plans suit your exact needs and training goals
  • fitness challenges, leaderboards, and rewards

Obviously, putting all of this together isn't easy.

In fact, what you're looking at here is months and months of hard work.

When we set out to build Rugby Strength Academy, we didn't just want this to be a new feature of RugbyDump but an institution in the game of rugby as a whole. And after months of building workout programmes and nutrition plans, tracking down professional players to film with, not to mention spent a small fortune, we're confident we've succeeded in creating a place for rugby players exactly like you who are hungry to take their rugby to the next level.

"Who Will You Be After 30 Days of Rugby Strength Academy?"

I’m going to be straight with you, the first 30 days will probably be the most difficult training you've ever done.

Your mates will knock your training. Ignore it! It’s natural for your peers to try and keep you at the same level. If you suddenly start making big improvements, how do you think it will make them feel? Try to have them join you or find some new training partners.

You’ll experience a couple weeks of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and be tempted to quit. Fight through it! When you step onto the pitch for your first outdoor training session, all the hard work you put in will be worth it after one big carry, tackle, or turnover.

It will be hard to stay disciplined. Another challenge of the first 30 days is getting into your routine. Becoming a disciplined athlete, completing all your sessions for the week, and eating right, can be exhausting if you’ve never done it before. But after 21 days, your training routine will become ingrained as a habit and get much easier.

You've Never Experienced an Off/Pre-Season Like This

If you can survive the first 30 days of your new training, you'll start training in four to eight week cycles that target specific physiological components required for rugby. Which cycles you do is up to you and your specific goals but a classic model a lot of our players follow is:

Week 1 -4: Mass: "He's going to be a beast this season"

Marathon runners train to increase the number of muscle fibres and power lifters train to change their type of muscle fibres from Type-II A to Type-II B. Rugby players should train for mass to increase the size of individual muscle fibres with our specialized mass building training.

After this cycle, you'll be bigger (especially in the chest and shoulders) and be a more confident, commanding presence when you walk into he room. You're going to immediately start gaining the attention of teammates and coaches who notice your gains and dedication.

Week 4-8: Strength: "So... what kind of training are you doing?"

This is when you'll go from just hoping to survive at a new level of rugby to being a real contender. If you're returning from injury, you're going to feel several times more confident in contact and won't be stressing out about doing your knee or shoulder from heavy contact.

Your teammates will want to know what kind of training you're doing because they'll still be doing the same generic workouts that they were weeks ago, and it's clear that you're going to have a very solid season ahead of you. But don't stop now, it's time to put your head down.

Week 8-16: Power and Week 16-20: Speed: "Just give the ball to [your name]"

To develop power and speed, we'll use exercises in the sweet spot of the force-velocity curve:



As your season nears, this is you'll get into the most "rugby-specific" training. Yes, many of the exercises you won't have done before. But that's it takes to get results you've never had before.

This is when your training is going to set you far apart from anyone else.

And it will be obvious to any coaches and selectors who are watching. When everyone else is still doing the same generic workouts they were doing three months ago, you will be faster and more explosive (in the tackle, ruck, scrums) than you even thought was possible.

Next, You Step Onto the Pitch

Our one and only goal at Rugby Strength Academy is to get you on the pitch to wreck absolute havoc. We want you in such top, block-busting form that you're impossible for coaches and selectors to ignore. But your training programme doesn't stop when you start playing.

You'll reduce the number of weight sessions per week and either use our maintenance sessions or start alternating between power and speed sessions throughout the season. And then, as the finals approach, you'll step up another level as you enter what we call the "peak" period.

Now, I'm sure you'll want to know who will deliver on these promises:

Meet Your Coaches

Dave Thomas

Academy Performance Coach

Dave Thomas is the founder of the The Foundry, one of the most renowned health and fitness companies in London delivering personal training, education, and events and Co-Owner of City Strongman which uses equipment and exercises from the world of strongman training and athletic performance to offer affordable, results based group training.

As one of London's leading personal trainers, Dave has also accumulated over 10,000 personal training hours with a diverse range of clients including city professionals, celebrities and professional athletes and as such he is in demand as a fitness writer and speaker.

Dave is a founding trustee and fitness coach for The School of Hard Knocks the social inclusion charity which helps unemployed people improve their confidence and find work.

And now, we are pleased to announce that Dave is also now one of our Rugby Strength Academy Performance Coaches and we're thrilled to have him on board.

Kevin Shattock

Academy Performance Coach

Kevin began his career as a fitness instructor in the Royal Air Force. After receiving the Queen's Commendation award, he left military life and worked in Nepal and Canada, training mountain climbers and alpinists on Mount Everest and in the Rocky Mountains.

After returning home to the UK, Kevin continued to train elite athletes in all kinds of sports from an Olympic champion boxer, to a world-class kayaker, to professional Rugby League players at Castleford Tigers. Kevin's passion is Rugby Union and he eventually became Lead Coach for Rugby Union at Leeds University and an S&C coach at Harrogate R.F.C. and has also developed several High Intensity Rugby Training programmes with RugbyDump.com. We are lucky to have Kevin as one of our Rugby Strength Academy Performance Coaches and look forward to using some of his great programmes ourselves.

Here's Our Offer To You

So here's the deal.

All of the stuff we've mentioned (monthly workout programmes, monthly nutrition plans, in-the-gym videos, and monthly Q&As) is included in your Rugby Strength Academy membership. Whatever price you subscribe at today will not go up as we introduce new features to Rugby Strength Academy like stat tracking, player profiles, bespoke programmes and nutrition plans).

As you a member, you get instant online access to:

  • Rugby Strength Academy Programmes and New Monthly Programmes ($247 value)
  • Rugby Strength Academy Nutrition Guides and New Monthly Content ($150 value)
  • Rugby Strength Academy Videos in Pros and New Monthly Videos ($499 value)
  • Rugby Strength Academy Monthly Q&As with our Experts ($99 value)
  • Rugby Strength Academy Archive of Bonus Articles ($49 value)

Total Value: $1044 for a one year subscription to Rugby Strength Academy.

And, Founding Members get this bonus package when you join today:

And, Get $565 Value in Free Bonuses

Bonus 1 - Modified Strongman Training Manual ($147 value)

We've crafted this training manual on Modified Strongman Training for Rugby which covers everything you need to know about strongman training. The manual covers: the science of strongman training, detailed exercise instructions with photos (and common mistakes), how to source equipment (sometimes for free), and includes two beastly programmes you can add to your training.

We're currently selling this manual separately for $147 but you get it free when you become a founding member of Rugby Strength Academy.

Bonus 2 - Bespoke Workout Programme ($219 value)

As one of the first 25 members to join Rugby Strength Academy from this page, you can have one of our Performance Coaches work with you to craft a powerful training plan with you. Together, you can create a comprehensive programme that will be the fastest, most effective way to achieve your training goals. This alone is worth the price of a subscription!

Bonus 3 - One-on-One Training Consultation ($199 value)

As one of the first 25 members of Rugby Strength Academy, you can have a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Performance Coaches via Skype or phone and get personal input from our coaches on how you should be training to achieve your training goals. They'll ask you about your injury history, position, strength & weaknesses, and training goals to provide you valuable advice.

Now before we reveal what price we're making this available for, please read this carefully…

Rugby Strength Academy is NOT for bodybuilders or "curl bros". In here, we do athletic training for rugby performance, not to show off. You'll actually be stronger and more powerful and not just look stronger and more powerful. Training for rugby will definitely get you a killer physique that will turn heads, but if you're working out only to increase the size of your biceps, you're in the wrong place (and probably can't handle our workouts meant for players).

Rugby Strength Academy is NOT about going to the gym "once in a while". To get results from our training, you will need to... wait for it... train. Four times per week or more. Rugby Strength Academy members are obsessed with rugby and with training for rugby. These are players who are fighting for a place in the starting XV, are playing semi-professional or professional rugby, or are getting to peak fitness levels after being injured. This is not the kind of training you'd recommend to your mother (unless she deadlifts more than you).

Rugby Strength Academy is NOT a quick and easy path to success. Our job is to back you up with the best tools and expertise we have to help you achieve your goals in rugby. But this is not a substitute for hard work. Expect to be putting in a lot of very tough sessions, and becoming a very disciplined athlete in your training. Being a member of Rugby Strength Academy gives you a massive edge on the competition but we can't complete your training sessions for you!

Now that we've got all that out of the way, you're probably wondering how much this costs:

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Founding Member of Rugby Strength Academy?

Getting a new training programme every month of the year alone would be hundreds of dollars. Add to that rugby-specific nutrition plans, technical analysis with some of the fittest rugby players in the world (some of whom charge speaker fees for between £15k-26k!), and regular Q&As with our Performance Coaches. And you're easily looking at spending at least:

$100-200 per month (that's $2400 or £1586 per year!)

And if you were to find all of this somewhere else or go out and personally hire these players and coaches to train you for a few hours, we're sure it'd be much more expensive.

Luckily, RugbyDump has been able to save a lot of money building Rugby Strength Academy because of our massive network of friends in professional rugby (players and coaches both).

This means we can slash down the price significantly for you to:

$20 per month (that's just £13)

But since this is the first time Rugby Strength Academy is opening its doors open to the public and because we're only accepting a small number of members at this time, RugbyDump is willing to cut deep into its own margins and offer Rugby Strength Academy to you for as low as:

$12.25 per month (£8 per month)

We think this price is absolutely mental and it will definitely go up in the future.

But remember, whatever price you join at is the same price you'll pay as long as you choose to stay a member. So if this is right for you, then we strongly suggest joining today at this price.

Just choose your subscription below and you'll be taken to the next step:

Monthly Subscription
$15.00per month
  • All Current Programmes
  • New Monthly Programmes
  • All Current Nutrition Guidelines
  • New Monthly Nutrition Content
  • All Current Videos with Pros
  • New Monthly Videos with Pros
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Archive of Bonus Articles
  • All Future Developments - FREE
  • Founding Member Status
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Six Month Subscription
$14.50per month
  • All Current Programmes
  • New Monthly Programmes
  • All Current Nutrition Guidelines
  • New Monthly Nutrition Content
  • All Current Videos with Pros
  • New Monthly Videos with Pros
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Archive of Bonus Articles
  • All Future Developments - FREE
  • Founding Member Status
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Why is Space Limited?

The doors of Rugby Strength Academy are only open to small number of players at this time.

Since this is the first time Rugby Strength Academy has been available to the public, we're only accepting 100 new members so we can make sure they have the best experience possible.

We're calling these 100 members our "Founding Members".

As a Founding Member, you will have a direct line to RugbyDump and input on new features as we build and develop Rugby Strength Academy. You are also eligible to receive a free consultation with one of our Performance Coaches, a free bespoke workout programme or nutrition plan, and a handful of other great bonuses detailed earlier on this page.

When Rugby Strength Academy has grown into the colossal institution in rugby that we know it will be, we want to be able to look back at our most loyal members that trusted us from the beginning and reward their trust with special goodies that we can't tell you about just yet.

The doors of Rugby Strength Academy may not be opening again for some time so if you know this is something you need to take your game to the next level, then please don't hesitate!

We don't want to have to turn anyone anyway when doors close.

You Are Protected By RugbyDump's No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We have a no-bullshit, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee policy for up to 60 days after your purchase. If you’re not blown away by what we’ve provided then you can send us an email at support@rugbydump.com and get every penny back. Simple as that. We’ll process your refund with no questions, hassle, or explanations required and you’ll have every penny back within 24 hours. And here’s the best part: you get to keep everything! That’s right – this is a 100% risk-free purchase that you can reverse if you’re not happy with it.

Our cancellation policy: you can cancel your subscription at any time and never be charged again. You will maintain access to the Rugby Strength Academy members area until the end of the subscription period that you've paid for. You can also change your subscription length (monthly/six months/annual) at any time and will never pay more than what's on this page.

Join Rugby Strength Academy Here:

Now's the time to make a decision.

On one hand, you can keep training how you're training. We're sure you're probably a good rugby player already and if you continue without Rugby Strength Academy backing you up, we're sure you'd do you just fine without us. If that's the case, we wish you nothing but the best.

But if you want to take your rugby to a new level and:

  • step up to a higher level of rugby without looking or feeling totally out of place
  • be so good that it's impossible for coaches, scouts, and selectors to ignore you
  • recovery from injury quickly and return to the pitch stronger and more confident than ever
  • go into beast mode and become a destructive ball carrier and brutal tackler
  • become the game breaker your team depends on to make magic happen
  • be a founding member in an exciting new institution in the world of rugby
  • learn the training secrets of the biggest, strongest, fastest rugby players on the planet
  • join an elite club of up and coming young rugby players from around the world
  • burn handfuls of fat fast or build explosive muscle quickly to prepare for a new position
  • gain unshakable confidence and total self-belief in your ability to deliver on the pitch
  • build a reputation as the most devastating scrummager, defender, or carrier in town
  • attract multiple defenders every time you touch the ball, and still make metres
  • develop new gears of top speed to leave your opposite man for dead
  • discover a whole new approach to rugby training that you'll keep and use for life

...then now is the best time to join Rugby Strength Academy.

Choose the option that works best for you and we'll send you an email with your log in details to our private members area right away so you can get started just a few minutes from now.

That's it. We'll see you inside!

- The RugbyDump Team

Monthly Subscription
$15.00per month
  • All Current Programmes
  • New Monthly Programmes
  • All Current Nutrition Guidelines
  • New Monthly Nutrition Content
  • All Current Videos with Pros
  • New Monthly Videos with Pros
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Archive of Bonus Articles
  • All Future Developments - FREE
  • Founding Member Status
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Six Month Subscription
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  • New Monthly Programmes
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  • New Monthly Nutrition Content
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  • New Monthly Videos with Pros
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Archive of Bonus Articles
  • All Future Developments - FREE
  • Founding Member Status
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