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The 3 Pillars of Rugbydump Academy

RUGBYDUMP ACADEMY is rugby's first online training programme for rugby players that has one simple mission: to make you a better rugby player every single week.

Created by the most popular rugby website on the planet, Rugbydump Academy shows you exactly how players at the top level train, play, and think about rugby.

You want to get better at rugby, there are three areas you need to master:

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Rugby players aren't just big and strong.

They're also athletic, fast, and powerful... not to mention superbly conditioned so they can run and hits rucks for the full 80 minutes.

Professional rugby players ALL use a special training strategy to pack on lean, athletic muscle as quickly as possible while developing speed, strength, and power.


It means dividing your training into periods or phases that target a specific part of performance. By fitting phases together in the correct order you will experience rapid muscle and performance gains.

And it's the not-so-secret secret that every single professional rugby player uses. But it's something that your average big guy at the gym has never even heard of.

Periodization and the Rugbydump Academy training system not only builds muscle and burns fat faster than generic workouts, but every single session is rugby-specific.

That means that every minute you spend in the gym, you are training your muscles specifically to win collisions, kick further, scrummage harder, and run faster.

Here's how it works:

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Every week, our players get new skill videos uploaded that reveal what the top players in the world are learning about playing rugby. These are tips and tricks from the highest level of the game that most players like us go our entire careers not knowing.

Check Out These 3 Sample Videos

In the next 21 days, Rugbydump Academy will boost your rugby by INSTALLING new skills to your arsenal...

  • three steps to "popping" your opponent in the front row and winning the penalty
  • Brian O'Driscoll's favourite linebreak technique that embarrasses defenders
  • master open field tackles with secrets from the best defensive teams in Super Rugby and the Aviva Premiership
  • throw bullet spin passes off both hands with simple but effective passing drills
  • instantly boost distance & accuracy for punts and placekicks with three tips from a world-class kicking coach
  • tie defenders in knots with new sidesteps and evasive maneuvers
  • win "clutch" turnovers for your team with our breakdown strategies blueprint
  • learn all different types of tackles and when to use them... including choke, chop, latch, and spot tackles
  • watch our step-by-step guide on hitting the perfect box kick for scrumhalves
  • two little known cleanout techniques for demolishing jackals/poachers and securing possession for your team


We don't just want you to be the most fit and most skilled player on the pitch. We also want you to be the smartest.

That means you need to know the laws of the game inside, out, and backwards. You need to understand why the referee is penalizing you so you can adjust. You need to know whether the other team is using a blitz or drift defence so you can break it.

When you understand the intricacies of the breakdown, you will be able to steal more ball and avoid giving away penalties (which your coaches will love you for).

Here's a quick preview of what we cover in the Rugby IQ section every month:

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  • How to Slow Down Opposition Ball
  • Offside Lines EXPLAINED
  • Accidental Offside vs. Obstruction
  • Scrum Penalties EXPLAINED
  • Advanced Defensive Patterns

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Test-Drive a Rugbydump Academy Membership For Just $1 For 7 Days

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  • Complete Year-Round Gym Workouts Includes Over 20 gym programmes, Complete Rugby Nutrition, fitness testing spreadsheets, and more!
  • Access to S&C Coaches Get your questions answered plus watch our Exercise of the Month and monthly interviews with S&C experts
  • Elite Skill Training Videos Master your skills and dazzle your opponents with monthly skill training videos that go behind-closed-doors to reveal how the top teams in the world train
  • A New Way of Looking at Rugby Learn how to spot opportunities others can't (and exploit them) with weekly rugby analysis videos that break down strategy at the top level of the game
  • Lightning Fast Help & Expert Support Our experts are here for you when you need us, help is just a click away
  • Private Facebook Group Be part of our growing community of rugby players around the world, working hard to improve every single week!

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