Elite Strength & Conditioning for Fly Halves

Want this Season to Be Your Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Ever? ...Introducing High Intensity Rugby Training

In this manual, elite rugby performance specialist Kevin Shattock provides fly halves with a step-by-step programme based on strength & conditioning science to unleash elite performance on the rugby pitch by targeting the specific muscle groups that are key for fly halves, with exercises that mimic the stress and high intensity of a rugby match.

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This programme is custom-built for fly halves to give you:

  • Explosive Steps

    Be a magician and create line breaks out of nothing.

  • Golden Boot

    Gain kicking accuracy and distance for when the pressure is on.

  • Confident Tackling

    Build strength and confidence in the tackle.

  • Get Selected

    Get noticed by selectors and academies – fast!

  • Raw Pace

    Turn on the afterburners and run circles around them.

  • Precision Passing

    Develop the rotational strength to deliver long, crisp passes.

Official RugbyDump Strength & Conditioning Programme

What the Pros Are Saying:

“High Intensity Rugby Training is a great way to start preparing your body for the demands of elite rugby. Training with professional strength & conditioning transformed my game and took me from high school rugby in Canada to competing head to head with the best players in the world at the Ospreys. High Intensity Rugby Training is the perfect place to start if you dream of representing your country or playing rugby at a professional level.”

Tyler Ardron - Back Row, Ospreys

Meet Coach Kevin Shattock

Kevin Shattock is a professional rugby performance coach from Yorkshire, England and the founder of High Intensity Rugby Training and a part of the RugbyDump team.

He began his career as a fitness instructor in the Royal Air Force. After receiving the Queen's Commendation award, he left military life and the United Kingdom. He spent his next years training mountain climbers in the Himalayas.

After returning home to the UK, Kevin became a strength & conditioning coach and developed High Intensity Rugby Training to assist talented players achieve elite performance.

High Intensity Rugby Training is about bringing the training methods of elite rugby players to players like yourself who are hungry to fulfill their potential and reach the next level of rugby. And now, for the first time, RugbyDump has taken it global.

Kevin has developed a set of eight workouts for props, hookers, second rowers, back rowers, scrum halves, fly halves, centres, and wingers/fullbacks. All the programmes are uniquely tailored to their position but all make use of the 5 Principles of High Intensity Rugby Training.

The 5 Principles of High Intensity Rugby Training

  • Principle 1: INDIVIDUALIZED

    High Intensity Rugby Training provides you with training the is unique to your position. Wingers don’t scrummage and props don’t do much kicking. At the highest level of any sport, players train based on their position and individual strengths & weaknesses. You need to as well.

  • Principle 2: STRUCTURED

    Average players train the same all year round. With High Intensity Rugby Training you will train differently in the off season than towards the end of your season. Knowing when to do mass-building versus power-building exercises is essential to playing elite rugby.

  • Principle 3: PROGRESSIVE

    High Intensity Rugby Training uses “meso-cycles”. These are 4 week training cycles that target mass, speed, strength, and power. Advanced athletic training means layering these meso-cycles in a specific order to craft the perfect physique for your specific position.

  • Principle 4: SCIENTIFIC

    High Intensity Rugby Training is based on strength & conditioning science and supported by academic research. We stay on the cutting edge of strength & conditioning science and craft specialized programmes like this that enhance your athletic performance, not just “make you big” like most workouts.


    Our programmes contain specific exercises carefully selected because they mimic the stresses your body endures on a rugby pitch. Your training should always be directly related to the physical demands of your role in the team and should translate to better performance.

  • Principle 6: SPECIFIC TEMPOS

    You may be strong, but if your muscles aren’t trained to deliver that force quickly then you will always end up second best in a collision. High Intensity Rugby Training provides you with specific lift tempos to ensure your muscles are trained for the demands of rugby.

Here's What the Programme Looks Like:

High Intensity Rugby Training is about preparing your body for the demands of elite rugby. This means no more chatting with your mates for 20 minutes in between sets of doing your nails. You need to get serious and build a body meant for the stress and intensity of a real rugby match. High Intensity Rugby Training uses meso-cycles (2 to 4 week cycles that target a specific physiological component). We will be progressing through three meso-cycles, each an important step in crafting your body into the fly half that can both dazzle and deliver when the pressure is on. Here are the three components of the perfect #10:

Component 4 - Core Conditioning

Core strength is at the heart of rugby. Tackling, ripping the ball, cleaning out rucks, driving mauls, offloading, fending, passing, and kicking all require core strength. This part of the programme is packed with dozens of high intensity ab exercises to develop solid core.

Component 5 - Complete Exercise Library

The High Intensity Rugby Training Complete Exercise Library includes step-by-step photos of each exercise with commentary and tips included for each. The exercise library is divided into six sections: Whole Body, Back, Leg, Shoulder, Core, and Aerobic Exercises.

What the Players Are Saying:


“The High Intensity Rugby training program for fullbacks/wings has made a difference in my training and play. No long am I using typical gym exercises that only isolate one muscle at a time. The full body exercises that focus on what my position really needs have been extremely helpful.

With this rugby position specific training I feel in better shape hitting the pitch come Saturday.”

Michael - Fullback, Division 2, USA

“High Intensity Rugby Training has improved my game hugely. Using the methods laid out by the manual I have been able to become stronger and more explosive extremely quickly. For example my squat increased by 10 kilo in just two weeks!

I would highly recommend this as a tool to rugby players looking to improve their athleticism.

Thanks to this workout I’m now a stronger and much formidable presence on the pitch. “

Tom - Wing, U19 Colts, England

“Everything was explained step by step which made it easy to follow. It took me a week or two to really start feeling all the benefits of the training.

Players that I would have issues tackling the season previous I would now be pushing back, I was able to tackle the bigger guys more effectively and I was also getting less injuries/issues.”

Liam - Back Row, East Leagues, Scotland

Our Personal 30-Day Guarantee

Feel completely safe and secure as you place your order, knowing you can get a full refund at any time in the next 30 days if you decide the program isn’t for you.

My passion is coaching talented young rugby players to their full potential – I’m not here to be a pain in the arse or make your life a hassle.

Just send me an email at kevin@rugbydump.com and I’ll refund you right away with no questions asked. And you get to keep the product!

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  • Meso-Cycle #1 - Mass
  • Meso-Cycle #2 - Strength
  • Meso-Cycle #3 - Strength-Speed (Power)
  • Core Conditioning Meso-Cycle
  • H.I.R.T. Exercise Library

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Answers To Your Questions

Does High Intensity Rugby Training work for women? +

Yes. High Intensity Rugby Training works equally well for women as for men.

I've already started my season. Will High Intensity Rugby Training still help me? +

Yes. You'll probably want to skip the mass building meso-cycles and jump straight into strength and power training. Even if you're a week or two from the playoffs, you can go straight into the power training portion of the programme and notice a huge difference.

Does High Intensity Rugby Training include skill training? +

No. Better strength & conditioning will improve your skills but this programme does not include skill training (i.e. passing drills, how to side-step, etc.). It is a weight training regime.

How long does it take to see results? +

The biggest results come at three different phases of the program: after the first meso-cycle you will be much more muscular, after the second meso-cycle you will notice your strength has increased and your team will notice that you’ve gone into beast mode, and finally, after the third strength-speed (or power) meso-cycle, you will have completely transformed.